Roadmap & Feature Plans

We strive to be as transparent as possible in terms of our planned features and roadmap timeline, and we would like to receive new ideas and insightfull feedback from our integrtation parties and customers.

Below are two links to our feature, roadmap and ideas management system, Productboard:

This public board will provide a timeline view of the features that are in progress now, and the features planned for the upcoming quarters. Keep in mind that future plans are not set in stone, and that the roadmap might be subject of changes as we go a long. Still, it will give an indication of our feature progression plan.

This is our public portal for our backlog. Feedback and insight from consumers and ideas for new features will be listed on the board*. We mainly list "high level" features, not all details will be described and listed with its own portal card.

Users may submit new ideas via the portal, and provide feadback and comments to all the existing features listed on the backlog board by clicking on the features. All feedback we receive will be handled and used for either prioritizations, or for making adjustments to our feature specifications and roadmap.

*We do not expose any users or their feedback directly. Based on the feedback provided, we rephrase, consolidate and list new feature ideas on the board.